Like many companies, we guarantee our products. However, if an item hasn’t met your expectation, you can now return the goods to us and get back your refund!

Unlike many companies, Maystar Enterprise (SA 0204787-T) provides refund service to our beloved customers regardless of any valid or non-valid reasons for any returned goods. You will get a FULL refund from us and the postage fees (a maximum of RM5.00 per return for the postage fees) for the returning goods are born by us!

Maystar Enterprise will only refund to you after we have received the goods that you intend to return and all the required documents for refund have been submitted to us. All these are to be done within 14 days after the purchase of the goods.
If you still have any questions or doubts about our return policy and products, we welcome your email at:

We will take proper actions on all returned products and we will NEVER re-sell any opened products.

Purchase during discount items are non-returnable and non-exchangeable. Example: Anniversary, Merdeka sales.

For example: If your purchase is RM10 + RM7 postage fee, Maystar Enterprise will only refund RM10 + RM5 (the postage fee that you send back the item to us)

Maystar Enterprise Unconditional “14 days refund” Policy Other’s Refund Policy
Opened products returnable Opened products unreturnable
Used products returnable Used products unreturnable
Sensitive products returnable Sensitive products unreturnable
Unconditional returnable Need to produce quality checklist
Maystar Enterprise in charge of postage fees Require consumers to bear the postage