Reduce dullness skin and promote healthy, fair skin,and creating V-shaped face.

Zone 1 (Upper Sheet):
– Make your skin whitening and brightening
– Reduce dullness, melanin, dark spot, remove dark pigmentation, and promote brightening skin.Upper translucent cellulose cotton paper mask which made from 100% organic tencel with essential – cream can help to brighten skin tone. Perfect proportions of upper sheet mask with I.P.I and the main ingredients which included AA2G (safety Vitamin C), Arbutin, and Morus Alba can help to reduce dryness, dullness, form a fair and white skin.

Zone 2 (Lower Sheet):
This rejuvenating mask is to cover Lower-Facial Area. (Creating V-line)
– TDDS- A new type of Transdermal Patch Patented patch
– Using Pharmaceutical Patches
– No toxicity and used high bio gel sheet with PVP high molecule
– New type of sheet IPN(Inter-penetrating Network) Hydrogel Structure – Intense Care-
– Made from high molecule 3D net structure hydrogel that is easy to transfer medication

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